Improving the Lives of Amputees Through Medical Research

Amputee Research is a consortium of doctors and hospitals dedicated to finding medical breakthroughs that will help improve the lives of people with amputations. In pursuit of that goal we conduct medical research. We are looking for research participants and partners to help us improve the lives of amputees.

Some of Our Research Partners

Join one of our clinical trials

We are actively recruiting amputees to participate in groundbreaking clinical trials and invite you to learn more about the beneficial potential of these exciting opportunities.

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Help advance amputee care by participating in a simple online survey

The amount or severity of pain amputees experience has never been scientifically measured. We are attempting to conduct the largest survey ever done to quantify amputee pain levels. Physicians will use this important survey to create a pain scale for people with amputations. By better understanding pain levels, the effectiveness of pain treatments such as surgeries, medications, and other therapies can be accurately measured. If you are an amputee and willing to help us, please send us a quick message from our contact page and we will email you a web link to our survey. Surveys are anonymous; no personal information is collected.

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If you are a medical professional or work with amputees, join us in our mission to improve the lives of people with amputations

We work closely with amputee associations, support groups, activity clubs, prosthetic clinics, plastic surgeons, and other medical professionals in our mission to help amputees. Learn more about how you can help us in our research.

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