Partner With Us

We are looking for others who work closely with amputees to join us in our mission and help spread the word about Amputee Research. The more amputees we can get to participate and help with research, the better we can improve care and quality of life.

Amputee Associations Support Groups Activity Clubs

A number of amputee groups and activity clubs have helped spread the word about our research. They have emailed members to introduce our website and created awareness of our anonymous online survey and medical trials.  We can provide an email template that can easily be sent out to members. If your group has a newsletter, we would love to provide a quick write up about Amputee Research. We can provide brochures you can pass out at your next group meeting, as well as an online banner ad if you would be willing to place it on your website. We also ask that groups connect with us on our social media sites (Facebook) and (Twitter) to help build awareness about our research.

Prosthetic Clinics Plastic Surgeons Other Medical Professionals

There are a few simple ways that prosthetists and other physicians can partner with us. Some prosthetists and physicians help us by administering our online survey right at the clinic to amputee patients using an iPad/tablet. We have provided some prosthetists and physicians with business cards that include survey log on instructions. These cards can be distributed to amputee patients so that they can complete our survey later at home on their own time. We also have brochures that can be handed out or placed in waiting room racks about Amputee Research. Lastly we welcome referrals of patients you feel might be a good candidate for one of our clinical trials.

If you have other ideas for partnering with us please get in touch from the contact page; we would love to discuss them.